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This is the support/documentation wiki for users of NeuronBank. This Help Wiki for NeuronBank is a user-generated help system. The developers of NeuronBank have initiated the Help Wiki, but registered users are free to make changes. Your registration at NeuronBank should allow you to have access to editing privileges. How to edit a Wiki page

The NeuronBank Database is no longer functional. Please refer to the NeuronBank Wiki for information contained in the database.


Getting Started

Advanced Topics:

  • Branch List - A dynamically generated list of all Branches
    • Search Results - How results of searches are displayed
    • Detail Page - Displays the properties of objects within NeuronBank.
  • Ontology - An explanation of how the knowledge of neurons and neural circuitry is organized.
  • Editing - How information within the ontology is entered and changed.
  • Account functions - How to create an account and log in.
  • Administrating
  • Known Bugs - A list of bugs that we haven't fixed yet.
  • Versions - A list of features in the current version and a history of previous versions.
  • Wish List - features that users would like to see in future versions of NeuronBank.

User Group

If you are interested in NeuronBank, please join our Usergroup Listserve.

Special pages

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